Beautiful websites for authors

Over the last 15 years, we've been lucky enough to design and build websites for many different authors.

What we offer

Sally Nicholls, Author
Rosy thornton, author
Sam Hepburn, Author

What does it cost?

There are many factors that make giving an exact cost impossible. These include the number of pages and what level of design, content and functionality is needed. As a guide we’ve designed and built websites ranging from £500 to £2500.

Is a website needed?

In an age of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this is a great question! These should be seen as part of your marketing mix, but a website should be your primary hub. One of the biggest reasons is to create somewhere for people to find you when they type in your name or the name of your books into a search engine such as Google. It’s difficult to get social media pages to appear in these rankings. Your own website creates a destination where you can control what the reader sees - for example, the order of your books, whether you want to promote school visits or when your latest book is released.

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Fiona Dunbar, Author
Helen Dennis, Author

Can you do this yourself?

It may surprise you to hear us saying this but yes you can! Online tools such as Squarespace and Wix can be used to build websites.

However, the templates offered by these services are often limiting. It’s tricky to add links to buy the books, offer chapter downloads, reviews and other things that are specific to authors. It's also difficult to add new features once you've chosen a template. We make it easy for you to do all of this, as well as giving ongoing support to keep improving the website, long after it's been built.

Many pre-made templates rely on you having a set of large professional quality images which not everyone has. At SpringSignal we’re able to find and design images and graphics that make your website sing. We’re also able to choose colours and fonts that work well together. We know how to crop images, upload video and we also know how to code when you need something that isn’t available within a template. We can suggest key details or information you want your readers to hear, and know the right place to add them.

This isn’t rocket science and it’s something that could be learnt. There are forums and resources you could read to help you. But we do this every day so you can get on with what you’re good at. Besides, you're a professional author. Shouldn’t you have a professionally designed website?

We'd love to talk to you

To get started, please contact us here, giving as much information as you can. We look forward to designing you something you can be proud of that you can call your own.

Happy customers

...superb mood boards to help me finalise on a feel for the site and then produced fabulous page templates which totally worked with the background I wanted to create. ...suggests things for the site which I haven't thought of... I seriously cannot recommend enough!

Helen Dennis

...better at knowing what you want than you are. You know then you're in safe hands and that the journey will be a pleasure.

Michael Tobert

Highly recommended. Great service, a pleasure to work with - and an excellent product at the end of it.

Sally Nicholls

SpringSignal did a wonderful job with my website. They were endlessly patient and very creative. I would highly recommend them to any author in need of a website.

Sam Hepburn

Madeleine Tobert
Michael Tobert Books
HL Dennis